Breakin’ to Spring registration open

Battle registration begins today.

Breakin’ to Spring FAQ

What is the competition format?

Breakin’ to Spring will be a single round-robin tournament.  Each duo will be assigned a number and will be paired off against another duo.  This will be done once registration has closed. After the first round, the duo that is assigned the number 1 will be fixed while all the others will rotate clockwise.  If there is an odd number of entries, one duo will be given a bye into the tournament. One entry will be automatically entered into the tournament via entries submitted to HOT103FM.

How will the tournament be judged?

Adjudication will be determined by a three-person panel – chosen for their knowledge of b-boy culture – for the preliminary rounds.  The panel will educate the audience on what they are looking for in terms of style, originality and showmanship.  With that knowledge, the final rounds will be decided by the audience.  Due to time constraints, ties will not be allowed. 

What will the prizes be?

Prizes – to be provided by Portage Place, Athlete’s World, Urban Planet and HMV – will be announced shortly.

How do you register?

To register for Breakin’ to Spring, submit your individual names (including the name of your 2-on-2 duo), contact info, crew affiliations and a hi-res (300 dpi) .jpg of your duo to

How long do you have to register?

Entries will be accepted until 12:00 midnight, Friday, March 28.


5 thoughts on “Breakin’ to Spring registration open

  1. There you go. Just wanted to make sure that the people who are entering understand whats up. PLEASE dont misinterpret the word round robin. There are a lot of those who still dont know what round robins are. THANKS Bundownsound.

  2. jager bombs for phil! yes, thanks for clarifying. pls accept our apologies for not being clearer but we tend to update this site aft several jager bombs.

  3. This is not a single round-robin battle. [round robin tournament –]

    What I think you are trying to say is:

    There will be a prelim round. Where each crew will battle once.
    After the prelim round each remaining qualifying crew will be ranked for thier spot in the single-elimination tournament.

  4. Just to clarify, single round-robin tournaments means that each crew will have to battle every other crew once. Ive read other pages on this. This one says single round-robin and others say elimination battle. I just want to make it clear for myself, and if also for other bboys.

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