truffle butter, mf


Latest scratch clip from Jay Boogie has him riding the nineteen85-produced-slash-Grammy-nominated Nicki Minaj joint with the Combinations From the Masters break record from Cut ‘N’ Paste Records.


KorreKt KutZ

Boogz having fun with the new Our Cuts are Correct, Volume 3 looper – now on the Tablebeats & apps and via – from the homies, Lost Tone Pros with the Skratcher/Texas Scratch League 10″ collaboration, Special Sauce.

Shaolin Stuntz Kutz

Jay Boogie gettin’ that kutty on with Cut ‘N’ Paste’s Combinations From the Masters break record and the homey StuntsOne‘s (Lost Tone Pros, Carpal Cutters, Skratcher LA) Stuntsone Looper.

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Grandmaster Roc Raida, ’95 DMC Final