Frequencies: J.Dilla, Nas, Slaughterhouse

Salutations, true believers!

For this first post, I had three very specific joints I wanted to cover from Dilla, Nas & Slaughterhouse. All are significant releases that I believe warrant a little examination.

    J.DillaDetroit Game featuring Chuck Inglish, Boldy V (Ruff Draft; prod: J.Dilla)

Dilla’s legacy will forever be marred by good – yet misplaced – intentions.

Typically, any new Dilla record can be sampled a minute and a half at a time, beats first. After hearing this posthumous release – assembled by Jonathan Taylor and Maureen Yancey – the standouts are obvious and this is one of them. The biggest opportunity on the album is talent and this is one joint that hurdles that as Chuck Inglish (The Cool Kids) and Boldy V manage to ride Dilla’s low end theory – and its well-placed David Essex sample – with a comfortable cadence that would sit well on any of DIlla’s older records. “Not everyone can rap,” exclaims Inglish on his first verse and that’s just in general. It’s even harder to find an emcee that can properly rap over a Dilla beat.

    NasThe Don (Def Jam; prod: Salaam Remi, The Internz, Heavy D)

Nasir Jones has been all about grand entrances lately.

He intro-ed his latest, Life is Good, with five standout joints – including this one – to really whet your appetite. The title track to Hip Hop is Dead, God Son‘s Made You Look, Bridging the Gap off Street’s Disciple and his collaborative effort with Damian Marley, As We Enter, were heatseekers tasked with reintegrating Nas into the collective rap consciousness and with album 10 hitting #1 this past week, it appears Nas is definitely onto something. Rap has always been a young man’s game but when artists figure out how to successfully transition their debuts into careers it’s a testament to their talent – and Nas has managed to do it with straightforward boom bap.

    SlaughterhouseHammer Dance (El-P Remix) (Shady; prod: araabMUZIK, El-P)

El-producto is buzzing hard right now after the release of his collaboration with Killer Mike so when this dropped, the anticipation was heavy.

He arms this first single off Welcome to the Slaughterhouse with a barrage of “shock and awe” that really elevate the track. The drums and percussion hit harder than a Hulk smash and are complemented by a menacing chord buzz that manages to avoid sounding like cheesy stock samples. El-P’s fantastic damage is a complete departure from araabMUZIK’s signature chops but the two producers aren’t that dissimilar. Both achieve sonic brilliance by maintaining a hardcore aesthetic that separates them from many of their peers. This was a “leak” so you won’t find it on iTunes. Keep searching.

’til next week!
– Boogz

Bundown returns to FM dial


After nine years, Bundown Sound System will return to the FM dial tomorrow night with their new weekly mixshow, Fuel Good Radio.

Collectively, Bundown – in its current form – have never shared mics on-air but there are a handful of them who are no strangers to radio.

Lucious worked the airwaves on FLAVA 107.9, CKUW 95.9 and ENVOL 91.1.

Boogie, Lord and Pleezy also served as on-air talent on CKUW.

The entire team will rock the turns every Friday from 12 midnight – 2 a.m as well as feature live-to-airs from Bar Italia, the popular Corydon Avenue haunt which hosts their fuelGOODmusic residency on Friday and Saturday nights.

Twitter: @fuelgoodradio

Bundown rocks the Mox

Tonight, the BSS will be throwing down the club bangers at two Moxie’s locations.

Quadratik and Jay Boogie will be spinning at Moxie’s Classic Grill on Regent while Ofield K and Bruce Lord hold down Moxie’s Classic Grill at MTS Centre!

Take your pic or better yet, reach both!

No exaggeration…reach early…Moxie’s parties always have line-ups!

We’ll see y’all on the dancefloor tonight!

Don’t stop the rock

Bundown brings back Studio54.

Bundown x Ali Entertainment

Disco vs Hip Hop

Jay Boogie

with special guest
Brent Phillips

A signature fave returns to debut a new nightlife option!

The Studio54 concept has rocked dance floors throughout Western Canada since its debut in 2007 and it returns with special guest Brent Phillips, who last played with BSS at the inaugural Thriller Halloween party.

For this go-round, we’ve remixed Studio54 into a Disco vs Hip Hop theme, with Q and Boogz holding down the soundtrack of Hip Hop culture and Brent carrying the flag for classic and contemporary disco.

Equally exciting is the debut of Marquee Lounge & Event Centre and the first ever monster collab with Ali Entertainment! The latest addition to Winnipeg’s nightlife scene takes over the space formerly held by Dylan O’ Connor’s, 1875 Pembina Hwy and is one of south Winnipeg’s most popular venues.

stylecode: Disco/Hip Hop

Plug tune in

De La Soul’s Maseo to play Pyramid.
The cat’s finally out of the bag.

As mentioned in previous posts and Twitter blasts, we have been sitting on a show that we’ve been dying to announce and so without further ado, we are proud to announce that MASEO aka Plug 3 will be gracing the stage of the Pyramid on April 16.

He will be joined by QUADRATIK, JAY BOOGIE, OFIELD K, LUCIOUS and special guest LONNIE CE (THE LYTICS, Grippin’ Grain).

Advance tickets are $10 and will be available at The Urban Bakery (shout out to Kev!) and door admission is $15.


At the same time, don’t forget that DJ TAKTIKS will be our special guest at M*O*V*E this Saturday, April 9 at The Orbit Room! Taktiks has been holding down Toronto’s CKLN 88.1FM for a minute now with his Mixtape Massacre radio show. He’s a true music lover and he can always be found spinning at clubs, lounges and parties in the GTA. Last year, he played Bar Italia alongside Quadratik and left a lasting impression! Ofield will also be holding down Calculated Soul Live at Lobby On York, so you’ve got a double BUNDOWN flex this Saturday!

Studio54 is also fast approaching and will take place inside 6 Degrees Martini Bar & Wine Lounge on Good Thursday, April 21! We’ll be welcoming back our homey MAVRIK (Dangerous Goods Crew) on the decks that night, as well! Word is spreading and folks are anticipating a night of disco from the 70s to nu disco!

Finally, if you don’t already know about the RAEKWON show on Saturday, April 23 at the Pyramid, then we should inform you that the show will be opened by FILTHY ANIMALS, DJ CO-OP and our very own Boogz! Rae is touring to support the release of the latest Wu banger, Wu-Tang vs Shaolin, which you should cop immediately via your fave music source!

That’s it for now…see ya on the dancefloor!

P.S. A new addition to the BUNDOWN fam will be making his debut in the near future…;)

Boogie’s Grammy Play-by-Play

Open with an Aretha Franklin video montage. LL Cool J intros Martina McBride, Yolanda Adams, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera and Florence Welch (Florence & The Machine) for the Queen of Soul tribute a.k.a. The Diva Belter Contest.

Well…X-tina seems to have redeemed herself after that horrend-X Super Bowl gaffe. McBride didn’t disappoint, either…and Welch? I swear Xtina is laughing at her – a mighty scoff at that. J-Hud has no probs doin’ Aretha proud.

This is war. Three of these divas are doing their own thing and two of these aren’t kinda the same. Wait ’til they get to the group joint…oh, there it goes…Sisters (Doin’ it For Themselves). Ray Charles could have telegraphed that. That last run they just pulled off was like, watching a race at Assiniboia Downs. And, a pre-taped appearance by the Queen herself!
Grade: B-

First ad break.

Diva Belter contestants run down Best Pop Duo/Group nominees: Paramore, the Glee cast, Sade, Maroon 5 and Train – whose (Hey) Soul Sister (Live) gets the W. Not a real surprise. You could hear this annoying drivel everywhere in the past year. Way to name drop Justin Bieber. Guy, I think the music means shut the fcuk up.

Ricky Martin intros Lady Gaga – and did he really want to say “Lay-dee…Ga-ga!” So, that’s the egg everyone was tweeting about. I kinda hate Lady Gaga, er, Madonna, Jr. Right down to her rendition of Express Yourself. Somewhere, Ms. Ciccone is barfing in her mouth because Gaga was actually born Stefani Germonatta. And, of course, she has to remind everyone that she can play piano – thanks to all that classical training/tranny-ing and all.
Grade: F-

Second ad break.

(Right about now, one wonders how many .secs John Legend and The Roots will get for their three non-televised wins)

Blake Shelton loves this next performer – “because she happens to be his fiancee. The lovely, the talented, the one and only…Miranda Lambert everybody.” Mhm. Doesn’t look like a country singer does she? I’d love to say something about Lambert…anything, really…but the video displays onstage are more captivating. Hey, that was Elvis Presley!
Grade: none

Lenny Kravitz has no hair! And, he intros Muse.
Cool! A double-neck guitar! Remember when Pete Townshend used to rock those? Now, he just rocks off to kiddie porn. Oh, yeah, Muse. This is actually a dope joint. Can’t front. Nice stage set, bad use of “dancers”.
Grade: B-

Ad break #3.

(shout to all the followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook that are logged on!)

Ryan Seacrest is out. His TelePrompter game is off. Bruno Mars, Janelle Monais and B.O.B.! Impressive that they included Janelle; other two are obvious. Nothin’ on You to start. Still not sure on Mars’ Don Ho chic. Bobby Ray is lookin’ pimp. Hmm…retro soul version of Grenade. Wonder if anyone is going to credit Raphael Saadiq for this current trend we’re just now seeing in pop music…oh, and Mars is losing his voice. Damn, shut up already and cue Janelle! Shiii…she kills both of em on the style tip. Nice. We get Cold War live. Mars on drums and B.O.B. on (air) guitar!
Grade: B-

(Two guys from) Zac Brown Band intros noms for Best Female Country Performance. Gretchen Wilson, Jewel, Miranda Lambert, LeeAnn Rimes and Carrie Underwood. The winner is…Blake Shelton’s fiancee! Love how she doesn’t return his props! 🙂

Set of ads.

(Trying to figure out how to fit in regular chronic breaks)

Eva Longoria comes out to Bill WithersLovely Day? Awww, Justin Bieber auditioning for Usher clip – now, I’m not going to go hard on Biebs and will be as objective as possible. Promise. Sh!t. They had to start with African drumming, didn’t they? Then, ninjas. Ninjas! Looks like puberty is starting to kick in with the Biebs. This was booty.
Grade: D

Paramore and NCIS chick. Best Rock Album nods: Jeff Beck, Muse, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Neil Young. Grammy goes to…Muse! I like, I like! Props to NARAS for not giving an auto-win to the oldest rockers in the building.


(quickie chronic break)

Come back to Gaga winning for Fame Monster. But, thankfully followed by The Late Show Top 10 Grammy Surprises. Personal fave? #10. Who the hell is this coked up bluegrass punk band fronted by Mario Lopez? Mumford & Sons, obviously. Next, The Avett Brothers! Hey, Russell Brand has a band? Bob Dylan comes out poorly mic-ed and all gravel-raspy! I swear his throat just started bleeding. Did Dylan just smile?!
Grade: D

More ads.

Big up for The Ramones‘ Lifetime Achievement Award! What a great booking: Lady Antebellum covering Teddy Pendergrass! If You Don’t Know Me By Now? I like it. Not so much the next joint. Heeey…didn’t the chick from Glee and the guy from the Packers say a tribute to Teddy?
Grade: D

Miley Cyrus and Kings Of Leon to announce Best Country Album – because they’re both from Tennessee and that gosh-darn-it gives ’em cred to do it! Lady Antebellum for the win. Get in there, Paul Worthy! That woman’s got some weird triple chin action goin’ on. Jamie Foxx out to intro – cheesily – Gwyneth Paltrow, The Muppets and Cee-Lo Green with their rendition of F*** You, er, Forget You. Nothing ground-breaking here. LadyKilla doin’ his best George Clinton. Not. Too. Sure. What. Paltrow. Is. Doing.
Grade: F

Yet more ads.

(to be honest, I thought Gwyeth’s shoes were dope)

Neil Patrick Harris brings out a world-class pop star. Katy Perry‘s out. Ouch. Whoa, to that whole “whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-oa” thing. Mr. Perry really shouldn’t let the Missus out if she’s going to sing falsetto. I’m sure everyone’s appreciating the “wedding footage” from India. “This one goes out to all the Valentine lovers!” Teenage Dream. Adult nightmare.

John Mayer, Norah Jones and Keith Urban cover Dolly Parton‘s Jolene. I ain’t mad. Obvious nod to her Lifetime Achievement Award win. Next are Song of The Year nominees: Forget You, Beg, Steal or Borrow, The House that Built Me, Love the Way You Lie, Need You Now. Winner: Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now.


(contemplating hunger)

The Green Hornet/Seth Rogan comes out to Like a G6 and disses Miley before his intro of Eminem, Dr. Dre, Rihanna and Skylar Grey. They do Love the Way You Lie and new Dre single, I Need a Doctor. Dang, the crowd erupted when Dre came onstage. Crowd didn’t let up, either. He’s going to be a problem when Detox drops.
Grade: B

John Legend and Jewel with Best New Artist noms: Florence & The Machine, Mumford & Sons, Justin Bieber, Esperanza Spalding(!) and Drake. Oh, snap!!! It goes to Esperanza Spalding!!! That’s called a come-from-behind win. You know she’s one of the artists on Prince’s Welcome 2 America tour, right? 😉

Hey! Ads!

Another Glee cast member out followed by NARAS president Neil Fortnow. Self-congratulatory moment and condescending stab at illegal downloading.

Nod to influential artists who passed in 2011. No mention of Keith “Guru” Elam. Mick Jagger out to give props to Solomon Burke. Fitting considering the Stones owe their success to black music – and have acknowledged that fact. Guy doesn’t sound that bad. Looks like he’s in decent shape, too.
Grade: B

Adzzz. Zzz.

(kinda hungry – gotta wait ’til next ad break)

Kris Kristofferson survived the Blade franchise! Lady Babs out to do Evergreen! Ummm, I really wasn’t trying to dig into Barbra Streisand but uh, the opening run was pitchy. Just saying, is all. Kinda reminds me of an elementary grade teacher moonlighting at the local karaoke bar. Sorry.
Grade: D-

“Please welcome…Elsa Lanchester…and Bobby Brown” announcing the Best Rap Album nominees? Crowd yelling for The Roots but really no surprise that Eminem takes this one for Recovery. Tough category, still. All the noms deserved this one.

Set of advertisements.

(quickie chronic break trumps food)

Tune back into performance in progress. Arcade Fire, to be exact. Canajun music lovers stand up! Is their stage show always this flashy and strobe-y?

Capitalist propaganda.

(now, Chinese takeout and Perrier Lime)

Wow, that’s huge. Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs for the Record Of The Year win AND closing performance. I’ll say it again. Canajun music lovers stand up! Uh, think I missed the Drake/Rihanna performance…tell you what…why don’t you give me your review of their Grammy appearance. Seriously. Send em to and I’ll post them here on!

That, folks, was the 53rd annual Grammy Awards. Out.

– Boogz


Notable winners at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards:

  • Best New Artist
  • Esperanza Spalding

  • Best Urban/Alternative Performance
  • F*** You, Cee-Lo Green

  • Best Rap Album
  • Recovery, Eminem

  • Best Rap Song
  • Empire State of Mind, Shawn Carter, Angela Hunt, Burt Keyes, Alicia Keys, Jane’t “Jnay” Sewell-Ulepic, Alexander Shuckberg

  • Best Rap Solo Performance
  • Not Afraid, Eminem

  • Best Rap Performance By A Duo/Group
  • On to the Next One, Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz

  • Best Contemporary R&B Album
  • Raymond V Raymond, Usher

  • Best R&B Album
  • Wake Up! – The Roots & John Legend

  • Best R&B Song
  • Shine, John Stephens

  • Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
  • Bittersweet, Fantasia

  • Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
  • There Goes My Baby, Usher

  • Best R&B Performance By A Duo/Group
  • Soldier of Love, Sade

  • Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album
  • Still, BeBe & CeCe Winans

  • Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance
  • Hang on in There, The Roots & John Legend

  • Best Reggae Album
  • Before the Dawn, Buju Banton

  • Best Dance Recording
  • Only Girl (in the World), Rihanna

    Celebrating 2010 & beyond

    Bundown celebrates past year, fetes new year.

    The guys went all out this year with their first major NYE appearance since Sound Republic‘s first Champagne Supernova party! The Saints & Sinners Masquerade Ball at Moxie’s MTS Centre featured Jay Boogie, Quadratik and Lucious setting things off proper inside the resto’s premium lounge filled with a roomful of beautiful people decked out in Mardi Gras-style masks and their finest accoutrements! Shout out to Blake Lelyk – great working with ya on this one, Red Bull, Diageo and Big Rock Brewery for sponsoring the event and MTS Centre security for holding it down at the door for us!

    January is looking like a winner with the continuing Calculated Soul Live series at Lobby On York. Q will be dropping the heatery on January 15, followed by Lisa Bell‘s return on January 21 with The Motown Experience, where the talented Canadian Idol finalist will share her favourite Motown covers! Celebrated fan fave and music lover DJ @ Large (Dope Joints, 101.5FM) will be making his first CSL appearance on January 29. FYI: The Motown Experience is going to be an exciting part of CSL as it features vocal talents of all genres from across the city sharing their love of Motown!

    Boogz and Q will be rocking the decks at Bar Italia on January 22 for a special booking and Boogz returns January 28 for his first appearance at their Resonate weekly alongside Alphagroove for a funk and house “bunfiyah”!

    To finish off the month, the recently resurrected WTF? (Where’s the Funk?) party will make its first appearance in Vancouver at Fairview Pub on January 29 with Q and Luc via Hedonic Entertainment. The guys are really looking forward to spreading the soul & funk vibes out west!

    Speaking of the west, we’d like to send mad love out to Lil’ Phil who is now based in Seattle. We know you’re gonna show ’em what time it is out there, homey!

    See y’all on the dancefloor!