Skratcher Pegcity

The Almighty Skratcher Group is a Canadian DJ collective that meet monthly to practice and hone the art of scratching and turntablism.

Founded in 2012 by Vancouver DJs/turntablists Paul Skratch (Munkee Massv, No Luck ClubD.I.S.C.) and Mike Msa (Vancity Skratch Sessions), it has since expanded to add two more markets, Toronto and Winnipeg.

The SkratcherT0 chapter was initiated by DJ Dopey (MTV, Notes To Self, Turntable Monkz) and J-Tec (Turntable Monkz) last year, while the Winnipeg chapter was jumpstarted by Ill Jay 2 (USDJs) last month.

Skratcher Pegcity returns to the Graffiti Gallery on Sunday, March 15.

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Winnipeg: epicentre of planned bomb attack

Soundbombing 2 returns.

Two of Winnipeg’s powerhouse DJ units will assemble to embark on another mission in their ongoing quest to propagate the gospel of hip hop culture.

Bundown Sound System and Night Life Types are internationally recognized ambassadors of Winnipeg’s hip hop culture. They have participated in all four elements of the culture over the years and have made their mark by exhibiting an unparalleled passion for hip hop.

They have been affiliated since 1997 and first officially worked together on mood ruff‘s No Hooks video. Ofield K and DJ Dow Jones were – obviously – 2/3 of the seminal Winnipeg rap trio. Quadratik and Jay Boogie were members of Flip Roc and Midnight Breakers, the two Winnipeg crews that reintroduced the art of B-Boying to the city since its heyday in the ’80s. All four appeared in the video, only the second from a local rap crew on Muchmusic. Jones was also a fixture on the city’s graf arts scene.

Jones, Boogie and D-LO were front and centre when CKUW 95.9FM went to air in 1999 with two of the college station’s most well-known mixshows, Six Degrees and The Lounge. Ofield and Jones also held down popular residencies at Bar Italia and Osborne Freehouse before Jones and D-LO began their well-known residency at Noir Wine Bar. Ofield and Jones held down residencies at Metro Nite Life and Alive In The District, respectively, while Quadratik and Boogie rocked residencies at Bar Italia. D-LO and Boogie also collaborated on their residency at Red Cactus, a venue where Ofield was also a resident DJ. Boogie was also known as Winnipeg’s “hip hop writer” after having launched the city’s first hip hop weekly and monthly columns in Stylus, Perimeter and Uptown, as well as being a contributor to the Winnipeg Free Press that covered hip hop culture and urban music.

Ofield, Boogie and Quadratik formed Bundown Sound System in 2007, with Jones and D-LO forming Night Life Types not long after. They have since been cornerstones of Winnipeg’s nightlife scene with innovative nightlife concepts and as headliners of some of the city’s biggest shows.

For the first time ever, the two sound crews promoted a concept event to celebrate their long relationship with hip hop culture in June of this year. They called it Soundbombing.

The response to the collaboration was – pardon the cliche – epic.

Once again, Bundown and Night Life Types will rock the foundations of The Orbit Room for what can only be called Soundbombing 2 this Wednesday, November 10 with doors opening at 10:00pm. Admission is $5 and it will be an 18+ event.


bundown x night life types

…the return of the fab 5

Ofield K
DJ Dow Jones
Jay Boogie

wed | 10 | nov
the orbit room,
4-2077 Pembina Hwy

$5 | 18+

Air attack expected

Winnipeg bracing for planned “shock and awe” attack.

flashback circa summer, 1997
mood ruff is shooting the video for their debut single, No Hooks. Ofield, Midnight Breakers and Fliproc also make their music video debut, which included scenes shot in the parking lot of what is now known as The Academy.

This team of hip hop representatives – who are later joined by another Winnipeg original, DJ D-LO – would grow to become flag-bearers of Winnipeg hip hop culture: Bundown Sound System and Night Life Types, who in their combined history can be credited for laying down the foundation of the city’s hip hop scene.

fast forward, summer, 2010
For the first time ever, Bundown Sound System and Night Life Types collaborate to bring to you…


Returning to their roots at The Orbit Room, the two sound crews will join forces once again to continue what they began: to celebrate and promote hip hop culture.

* * *

Bundown x Night Life Types

…the pre-Canada Day Rumble

// dLO
// ofieldK
// dowJONES
// jayBOOGIE

Wed | 06 | 30
The Orbit Room,
4-2077 Pembina Hwy

$10 / $5 with guestlist

* * *

For reduced guestlist, hit up yr SOUNDBOMBING consiglieres: