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Latest scratch clip from Jay Boogie has him riding the nineteen85-produced-slash-Grammy-nominated Nicki Minaj joint with the Combinations From the Masters break record from Cut ‘N’ Paste Records.


OB Obrien – Schemin’ Up (ft Drake, P. Reign)

Coming from the Top Szn contingent of OVO Sound (@ovosound), OB O’Brien (@itsob) doesn’t stray far from the front door for assistance as Drake (@drake) and P. Reign (@preign) join him for his latest, Schemin’ Up.

OB is onto something. Kinda.

He has his own flow and manages to distinguish himself from the OVO stable – which is necessary for him to have his own identity.

His last single, Hazelton Trump, was featured on tue-mix: 7814.
(via Top Szn, OVO Sound)


Nicki Minaj – Truffle Butter (ft Drake, Lil’ Wayne)

While he deals with his Cash Money problem, Lil’ Wayne (@liltunechi) finds time to post The Pinkprint bonus cut from labelmate Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj).

The beat comes courtesy of Nineteen85 (@nineteen85), who rolls with the OVO Sound (@ovosound) stable and worked the boards on Hold On, We’re Going Home.
(via Young Money)