No ID on Hot 97

No ID has already been responsible for crafting a classic rap album called Resurrection (Google it if you really have no clue) and now he’s got an imprint on Def Jam that is about to make folks take notice again.

He sat down with Rosenberg on Hot97 to talk about that famous come-up, his relationships with Common (@common) and Kanye West (@kanyewest) among other things.

(via Hot97)

DJ Scratch – #defjam30 Mix

To commemorate their 30th anniversary, Def Jam partnered with Respect magazine and iheartradio to do a series of mixed retrospectives called 30 Days, 30 DJs, 30 Mixes.

They feature a select group of DJs including the likes of Daddy Rich, Tony Touch, Mister Cee, Mr. Len , DJ Revolution, Mr. Choc, DJ Spinna and this guy here, DJ Scratch:

Listen to what the label has posted so far and remember, it’s going on til the end of the month.