Busta speaks on Chrianna

The dungeon dragon offers his two bits on Rhianna and Brown.

Busta Rhymes is asked by the interviewer to weigh in on the Chrianna situation at 3:20 of the video. Anyone believe he was clueless on what happened – especially when it made post-Oscar headlines across North America and was ALL over Twitter?

“I’m pro-defending yourself…under any circumstances – whether it be a man or a woman. Youknowhatimsayin’? But I’m never pro-hitting a woman,” said the rapper.

Is “pro-defending yourself” some new slang term for self-defence?

He goes on to say “even understanding the circumstances with them being who they are…as celebrities…I just feel like everyone need to mind they f**kin’ business”.

Someone should tell Trevor Smith that being a celebrity means throwing your privacy to the dogs. He muses over things like the Officer Ricky/Fiddy “rivalry” – which no one really cares about, the Oscars and his album drop date but we all know which topic has more heat right now.

It’s not likely that Busta will be the only high-pro industry figure to be asked about Chrianna’s woes. Upper Playground and Munk One have expressed their opinion quite succulently with THIS tee!

The Ike Turner of this What’s Love Got to Do With It scene, meanwhile, has begun taking anger management classes in California. Gotta look good for that March 5 trial date, Chrissy?!