Jay Boogie – Richmond Son

With the release of Black Messiah, I wanted to give folks who aren’t as familiar with @thedangelo a taste of what came before and give fans a nice likkle mix to enjoy.

I have been actually thinking about doing a D’angelo mix for a minute; apropos that BM dropped when it did.

There are a lot of ways this could have gone & there may be more to come but after a PK sesh with the Aerizer, this is how I was feeling.

Dig it.

Tracklisting: 26:24

Ain’t That Easy (Black Messiah, RCA, Dec, 2014)

Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine (Brown Sugar, Virgin, July, 1995)

Feel Like Makin’ Love (Voodoo, EMI, January, 2000)

Sugah Daddy (Black Messiah, RCA, Dec, 2014)

Jonz in My Bonz (Brown Sugar, Virgin, July, 1995)

Playa Playa (Voodoo, EMI, January, 2000)

1000 Deaths (Black Messiah, RCA, Dec, 2014)

Smooth (Brown Sugar, Virgin, July, 1995)

Chicken Grease (Voodoo, EMI, January, 2000)

Back To The Future (Part 1) (Black Messiah, RCA, Dec, 2014)

Greatdayndamornin’ (Voodoo, EMI, January, 2000)

Prayer (Black Messiah, RCA, Dec, 2014)

Lady (Brown Sugar, Virgin, July, 1995)

D’angelo & The Vanguard – Sugah Daddy


Here it finally is…Sugah Daddy, the first official single released from D’angelo‘s (@thedangelo) long-awaited follow-up 2000’s to Voodoo.

Black Messiah was the title that was strategically alluded to online via Twitter, Instagram and Reddit since Thursday.

A teaser trailer had also been posted on YouTube that featured a sample of Dr. Khalid Muhammad.

RBMA made it official on Twitter when they announced that they would be streaming something new from Black Messiah.


The link went live early Sunday morning with only 1000 available for download.

Earlier this year, Nelson George conducted a Red Bull Music Academy session with D’angelo.

He debuted the track back in 2012 during his first run of European shows since wrapping the Voodoo tour and then gave it a North American debut at the BET Awards that same year.
(via RBMA, YouTube, Pitchfork, Twitter)
No, this isn’t a Rap release but to not acknowledge a brand-spankin’ new D’angelo wrekkid?