Theology3 – Payin’ Hommage EP

As a member of the on-air team that helm’s CIUT 89.5FM’s Stylistik Endeavours (@stylistik895) in the Dot and as a member of the Freedom Writers (@freedomwriters_) emcee collective, Theo3 (@theo3music) is a known commodity.

He just released his Payin’ Hommage EP and it lives up to every expectation.

The four-track EP focuses squarely on his shoulders and he tackles the task of locking that reef knot squarely around snappin’ necks with ease.

His gift of gab and dexterous verbal wordplay is accentuated further when backed by Thera-P (@djtherap) on the title cut or riding the aural accentuation of Amir (@amirvee) on Universe Things.

Strongly recommended if you fiend for that good ol’ boom-bap.
(via SoundCloud)

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