MC Melodee – Crunch Time EP

Track listing (16:26):
1. Discodip (prod: Cookin Soul)
2. Don’t Get It Twisted (prod: Robbie Anthem)
3. State of Mind ft Feliciana, D-Luzion (prod: BuddahSPK)
4. Fading Lights ft Illa J (prod: Brady James)
5. Bad News (prod: Like of Pac Div)

MC Melodee (@mcmelodee) is an Amsterdam-based emcee known for her day job as the lead for a hip hop band called La Melodia (@lamelodia).

Her 2012 debut solo project, Check Out Melodee, was produced by Cookin Soul, the Spanish production team that has been bubbling under with a resume that includes Nicki Minaj, Mac Miller, PushaT, The Game and YG.

This led to her first full-length, My Tape Deck, produced entirely by Cookin Soul and released in 2013.

Crunch Time is the third in a string of EP releases this year, beginning with In My Zone in February and followed by Coolin in July.

The first single was Discodip.

The title track to her 2012 debut:

(via MC Melodee, SoundCloud, YouTube)


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