36 Seasons available for pre-order


Get On Down (@getondowntweets), the label that dropped Ghostface Killah‘s (@ghostfacekillah) 12 Reasons to Die album with Adrian Younge (@adrianyounge) last year, has announced that an exclusive 36 Seasons bundle is now available for pre-order.

It will be a joint release with Tommy Boy.

The bundle includes

– deluxe CD with vocal and instrumental versions,
– 24 page graphic novel booklet curated by the 12 Reasons to Die creative team,
– exclusive 11×17 poster art,
– vinyl LP,
– limited edition 36 Seasons t-shirt.

Pre-order 36 Seasons here

The advance, Love Don’t Live Here No More, was released yesterday.

Rae, A Better Tomorrow, Deck and now, Ghost. Who’s next…?

Tommy Boy just released a 36 Seasons sampler mixed by 7L and if you need any convincing as to whether you should pick this up when it drops, look no further:

(via Tommy Boy, Get On Down, SoundCloud)


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