#tgif: Finishing your week with a batch of musical macarons

Nas, AZ borrow donut for new cut.

The former Firm biz associates quietly dropped The Season via AZ’s (@azquietmoney) Quiet Money label on SoundCloud three days ago.

Like so many recent “Dilla” productions, there’s nothing new to be heard.

The two ride a loop of Gobstopper off Dilla’s last official release, Donuts – the original is only 1:02 in length.

As tasty as it is to hear Nasir Jones spit over a Dilla beat, it’s far from groundbreaking.

If you’re looking for something Dilla-esque, head over to Dat Piff & grab DJ Shortee Blitz‘ (@shorteeblitz) Jay-Dilla mixtape.


ATL’s villainy
A very strange mashup appeared 24 hours ago blending MigosJumpin’ Like Jordan with The BeatlesHere Comes the Sun.

The mash comes courtesy of NYC’s Proper Villains (@propervillainy), who made headlines a couple of years ago after penning his Idiots’ Guide to Molly, in response to two deaths, multiple MDMA-related hospital stays and the eventual cancellation of the Electric Zoo festival.

The formula is dated – considering the bar that was raised for mashups in general came via Danger Mouse‘s The Grey Album.

DM’s bootleg deftly mashed together Jay Z‘s The Black Album accapellas with various White Album soundscapes and the result raised his profile higher than any regular production could have.

If it’s been a minute since you’ve rinsed it…


Lastly, Ras Kass appeared on Sway In The Morning at the start of the week to promote some new record he just put out with Apollo Brown – and gives you a reminder of just how bad he is an an emcee…

http://youtu.be/tIurXSTtR08 (via youtube.com)


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