Summer movements

New projects and parties forthcoming.

Overdue, we know! 🙂

It’s been a looong min since we’ve updated but not for the lack of movements. Everyone has been busy with individual gigs, touring and bookings but we want y’all to know that we’ve got a couple of things we’re sitting on! We’ll obviously keep you abreast of ting ‘n’ ting but in the meantime, we will let you know that…

*we’ve been recording so you can look forward to audio heatery posted here…the electroROC project…the Nights in July mix series…& more to come!
*we’ve also been formulating a new nightlife experience or three – incl a ne’er-before-seen collab for a party that will be remembered: Soundbombing!
*we’ll be making special guest appearances @ an upcoming music festival!

Keep your ear to the ground for the 4-eleven!