Bringing the band back

Original Funk Bundown lineup to headline Testify.

By now we’re hoping that you know about TESTIFY, the upcoming fete that will reunite the DJs that played together for 2008’s Funk Bundown summer residency @ The Orbit Room. Yes, the same residency that gave birth to what is now known as the BUNDOWN SOUND SYSTEM. Though we have played together in various incarnations since then, this will be the first time everyone will be playing under the same roof – with the exception of DOUGIE B and MANIC, who will be in Los Angeles and Calgary, respectively.

We’re happy to be bringing the funk, soul, disco, rap and house to you inside Ragpickers’ Theatre Annexe, 2nd fl-216 McDermot, which if you can recall, was the same place we had our | ∂ecadence | after hours jam back in August.

We’re also happy to have the participation of B-BOY SUGAR of MEIJI CREW/CENTRAL BEATHEADS taking care of our visuals for the evening. If you’ve seen his shots, you know he’s gonna nice up the place heavy, seen!

Admission is only $5 and for that measly price you get:

…along with LUCIOUS as your host and agent provocateur!

So, mark it on your BlackBerry, iPhone, Nexus One, agenda, calendar or forehead because come the February long weekend, nothin’ in city is going to be hotter than July!!!

Ragpickers’ Theatre Annexe,
2nd fl-216 McDermot

See ya on the dancefloor!


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