RTB update:

Sup, y’all.

I know you’ve been waiting to hear confirmation re: rumours of tonight’s show being cancelled & we have been on the horn all morning trying to get to the bottom of everything.

The Rock The Bells date for Winnipeg has been cancelled indefinitely.

We have been looking forward to seeing this show as much as you have and it wasn’t easy hearing the show was cancelled but we can provide some details as to what exactly happened…

Thu, Aug 20
*artists attempted to cross the border in Saskatchewan from the US;
*immigration problems resulted in artists being turned away by Canada Border Services Agency in Saskatchewan;
*artists’ management contacted The Union (event promotion company we partnered with) indicating they were unable to cross;
*The Union asked artists’ management to please get their paperwork in order because there is still a show in Winnipeg;
*artists’ management agreed to get all immigration in order & still do Winnipeg;
*we were informed by The Union that Saskatoon show was indeed cancelled but that Winnipeg gig was still going forward;
*two hrs after that conversation, artists’ management contacted The Union indicating the Winnipeg date “wasn’t worth all the trouble” & would proceed to Minneapolis for the Aug 23 gig;

Fri, Aug 21
*we contacted The Union to confirm if show is going forward & they indicated show was cancelled
*we contacted all ticket retailers to refund all tickets

We apologize to you all for this situation. Unfortunately, this is not unusual. Rap shows are cancelled on the regular in all markets because of artists &/or management failing to get their immigration papers in order – especially when their are prior convictions present.

Thanks are due to TUB, Music Trader & Into The Music for being our ticket retailers, our promotions team (street & online) for the hard work they put in & most especially big thanks to all of you that purchased tickets & were willing to support this show. You will be able to return to point of purchase for full refunds (please go to the retailer you purchased from directly).



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