MJ returns

King of Pop set to perform again.

MICHAEL JACKSON announced today that he will hit the stage again for the first time since 1996-97’s HIStory tour.

Jackson made the announcement in London, where his This Is It show will debut in July. The show will consist of 10 concerts at the 02 Arena – the same venue that PRINCE held his 21 Nights in London residency back in 2007.


It’s all about the gesture he makes – at 8:12 – just as he exits. Was it me or was he actually normal ie. no pipsqueak voice, no “too-humbled” demeanor. This the “normal Michael” that ex-wife LISA MARIE PRESLEY mentioned on Oprah years ago?

“Was that weird for you, too,” exclaimed the announcer after Jackson left.


P.S. To celebrate MJ’s comeback, the BSS will be playing a Michael Jackson party on Sat, April 18 @ Hi Fi Club…deets & promo tools will be forthcoming…


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