Crew on It ft Zee O – Highplace Drive

Masia One and Sabatawj establish cross border link.

Highplace Drive is a new project from my homegirl Masia One and her frequent Cali collaborator Sabatawj. M Uno reps the Dot – obviously – but is currently in San Diego doing what dope rappers do; make dope music. This joint is a good example of what she’s cooking up.

Her album, Pulau, made a nice impact on Canadian college radio. It went to #1 last month on exclaim!?‘s earshot! chart.

And, to show a little extra love, here’s showcase footy of her tourmate DJ Sarasa from the 2008 Technics DMC Japan final (note the irony of a DMC showcase using Serato):

Keep up with Masia HERE. Check those choreographed pieces set to Masia choons from Europe!


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