I Can See (Fat Thursday Remix ft Theo3) – Jazzanova

T-Dot selector freaks another soul gem.

DJ Fase
Gotta give it up for the one DJ Fase – yes, he of Toronto’s long-running Footwork Tuesdays residency – who remixed this new Jazzanova joint something sweet! He’s also the one that took Ivana Santilli‘s Whateva U Want and turned into a Lover’s Rock sonic landmark. Jazzanova has flipped their well-known broken beat/nu-jazz stylee into a more soulful sound and Fase doesn’t stray far from the new ‘nova steez.

HERE‘s the original.

…and, HERE is Fase’s remix. You can check out his Myspace, too. Cop it and drop it!

Oh, and because we love us some Ivana, HERE‘s Fase’s Lover’s Rock Remix for Whateva U Want.


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