Bundown announces new monthly, b-boy battle.

Charles’ Gallery to revisit origins of hip hop culture.

 The BSS announced the launch of a new nightlife experience this past Sunday at the Tripl3 Trouble 3-on-3 b-boy competition at the U of M.

The new monthly, Charles’ Gallery, is named after a Harlem landmark that served as one of the incubators of hip hop culture; one of the clubs where pioneering hip hop DJ Eddie Cheeba once held court.  It will regularly feature guest MCs, DJs and b-boys and will feature the artwork of local graf artists on the walls for sale.  The purpose of launching the monthly is to bring back an event dedicated to the origins of hip hop culture.

The Charles’ Gallery residency will launch at The Lo Pub inside the HI Downtown Hostel on Friday, March 14 with special guest John Smith, resident DJs the Bundown Sound System and resident b-boys Dangerous Goods Collective.  Admission is $5.

They also announced that a b-boy competition will take place inside Portage Place Mall on Saturday, March 29 with the BSS serving as DJs and hosts of the event, which include DJs spinning inside Athlete’s World, Foot Locker, Urban Planet and possibly other stores in the downtown mall.<br><br>