Thrill in the Exchange

Halloween experience rocks EEC.
(UPDATE: Thriller gallery now up!)

What a resounding, ridonkulous success!

Muy bonita Bundown (ed: can someone verify the broken Spanish?  Gorky?) is due to all the patrons that reached our first ever Thriller party.  Though billed as a two-room venue, the venue failed to inform us we would only have the main room at our disposal, so we certainly apologize for the missing side room – more notice than the day of the event would have been appreciated.  Turned out to be a blessing because the entire main room was blazin’ with a likkle bit of e’eryting ‘n’ ting: soul, funk, rap AND house.

Here’s the Thriller gallery…

THRILLER was up in thurr all night & check for the Thriller gallery on their site. 

Extra special shouts to our sponsors SHOPGIRL and STARTING LINEUPS, our security, door & bar staff, our special guests Brent Phillips and Alphagroove and props to Lazo‘s “baby”, the “zombies” and “Edward Scissorhands” for their excellent representations in costume!  

Nothing but smiles all ’round for our first co-promotion with Next Level and Soundwave Entertainment.  It will certainly not be the last…in fact, Next Level is onboard once again for the next installment of WTF?, which takes place on Friday, November 23 at Academy Food, Drinks, Music, 437 Stradbrook (formerly known as Osborne Freehouse) and we will be providing an assist on the promo tip for Soundwave’s Roger Sanchez and Method Man shows. 

We have finally registered our domain name – which you may already know if you logged on to – and we are setting up our email addys so we will have a more uniform method of contact for all y’all. 

Our final experience for 2007 takes place in December – the Boxing Day Bundown!!!  This will be another Bundown/Next Level party and you know it gon’ bang harder, faster, stronger than your neighbour’s unruly, Ritalin-deprived stepchild.  May not be the only one that month either…more on that as it develops…

We encourage you to reach…
Jully Black — 11/07/07, West End Cultural Centre
Roger Sanchez — 11/09/07, Exchange Event Centre
Method Man — 11/15/07, Empire
Tittsworth — 11/16/07, Pyramid
Bootcamp Clik — 11/26/07, Energy

…and if you see Lucious, give him some bday dap (Oct 30) & come out for HNIC-at-the-door Nick Villarin‘s going away party @ Bar Italia this Friday!  To our homies in the (T-)Dot, look for Ofield @ the Dmitry show!

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