Facebook gone wild again.

What is the dilly w Fbook?! Today, Ofie sent a friendly likkle Grand Analog msg & it sent 5x…wtf? Anyone else out there having the same ish w sending msgs? Mr. Zuckerberg?

Anyway, the Slo Coach express will be rollin’ through again with another Analog show on Sept 14 with a slot @ the Winnipeg Ska & Reggae Festival – appearing at King’s Head Pub, 120 King St. They’re currently enjoying the spot @ the top of the national college radio rap chart, they’re collecting accolades left & right, online and in real time and they have given you yet another pair of glasses of which to view rap music. Dig it.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for details on two new fall party concepts:

International Bundown and S.O.S.

Both experiences are strictly ABC (Another Bundown Creation). Details to follow.

1 thought on “Facebook gone wild again.

  1. only you guys seem to send a million fuckin messages every time.
    fix that.

    jelo you should change your name to agar agar.

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